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Welcome to pages of breeding nursery " CARLIN BRIGHT IZ TSARSKOGO SELA"!

The head of breed the German boxer - Lyudmila Leuhina
Р. 467-06-12, e-mail:

The head of breed Berner sennenhund - Irina Gromova
Р. 127-72-61, e-mail: kerlin_b@mail_ru

Our nursery was found in 2002. The basic breeds - the German boxer and berner sennenhund.

In spite of the fact that the nursery is still young, dogs of our cultivation compete at exhibitions of a various level. So, dogs of breed Berner sennenhund in 2003 have borrowed prize-winning places in all classes at the international exhibition "Elite-center": Wiener - яюя, CW, Barbara - CACIB, Gold Forester Brian - CACIB, CW, BM, BOB, De юnrit Apriori - the Best puppy. At the international exhibition " the White nights-03 ": Barbara - it is excellent, Gold Forester Brian - CACIB, CW, BM, De Anrit Apriori - the Best puppy.

For autumn of 2003 are planned are viscous: Gold Forester Brian Barbara, Gold Forester Brian Ordo-Berni Nana

Also German boxers are successfully exposed also: юssol - BBF, юyrin - BJ,prize-winner open class,Bartolomeo - excellent, аianca - 2УBB, 2УBP, 5УBJ, prize-winner BIS, the Young champion of Russia, Gera - BB, BP, Grandee - BPM, Dorian - BBM, Dayana - exellent.

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